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Why Do We Fall?

‘Why do we fall?’ asked a great teacher to a willing student in a movie that I have seen and can scarcely remember at the moment. [Thanks to a reader for referring me to the batman video where the quote is from!] Though I don’t remember the answer to this question, I do remember the gracious sound of his voice as he sought to explain the potential benefits of learning to get back up after the student had lost his footing. But even as I think back to the movie, I hear the question played in my mind from a...

Love Lust & Power

Fast Food Sex

The sin of our present generation is not one of pursuing too much pleasure, but of pursuing too little. We know that what is valuable requires work to achieve. We know that something is missing from our experience of easy sex. Yet, we are not willing to work for more. Through porn I have discovered that whatever I desire is easy to achieve. I wonder if this could become a problem later on when pornography is an easy alternative to romance for sexual satisfaction. Those who pay for access to more exclusive pornography probably receive a greater amount of satisfaction...

Love Lust & Power

The Fantasy of Power

Something inside of me wants to see a picture of a naked girl, yet I feel unable to separate her image from the person who it represents. I cannot view nude photos of people in a way that does not control their identity for my advantage. If I did, I would find my identity in my ability to control rather than in who I am. Wow, this is frustrating. If my conclusions are actually correct, then I can see almost no way for pornography to be a profitable experience. Unless the photographs are posted voluntarily for the experience of others....


Truth and Personhood

I am starting to remember or at least to be vaguely aware of something that was, not so very long ago, and has since faded from my view. It is not that it disappeared, but perhaps I was not yet able to see it in its full color without spending some time away. Or perhaps I simply journeyed toward this destination by some other road than I needed to. In any case, I have come full circle once again to the fundamental questions that I asked myself back in 2009. As I sit here with my head throbbing from a...

South Dakota Sunrise

C.S. Lewis Quote – The Great Divorce

Every poet and musician and artist, but for Grace, is drawn away from love of the thing he tells to love of the telling till, down in Deep Hell, they cannot be interested in God at all but only in what they say about Him. For it doesn’t stop at being interested in paint, you know. They sink lower – become interested in their own personalities and then in nothing but their own reputations. – C.S. Lewis “The Great Divorce” p.8

DaVinci Last Supper

Jesus Is Alive?

I finalized an essay earlier today that explores the implications of Jesus and the law. I am fascinated by Jesus and His role in the history of humanity. However, somehow I forgot that He died and came back to life. This means that He is alive, but somehow separated from his people that are on earth so that we can’t see Him. What does this mean for our interactions? Does He actually interact with us or is He busy at work doing something while the Spirit works in us. Except that the same Spirit is in us as in Him,...