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Re-imagine Your Life As A Christian

Luminouré: Walking in The Light 0

Luminouré: Walking in The Light

This morning I find myself looking into the books of 2 Peter and 1 John seeking to embrace the truth as it is written rather than as it is thought in my mind. There is a crystal clarity that seems to emerge as I approach this book (the Bible) with an understanding that what it contains is a revelation of the truth that I still only partly know and believe. Furthermore, I am convicted by that which is written to testify of what is true and to reveal how I can know that I walk in it. Some of the...

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Luminouré – Part Three: ‘Un-Knowing’

Emerging during the season of life I would describe as that of “un-knowing” all that I had previously held to be true, my Christian faith has languored under the persistence in this sort of state. In the process of change, it is sometimes essential to take apart what has been wrongly constructed, but the purpose of this deconstruction is so that something better might be put in place.My open mind toward knowledge and experience outside the bounds of childish constraints did not prove that I could know nothing, but rather that I knew nothing. I had been, in some way, deceived.

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Luminouré – Part Two: The Word of Truth

I relegated the power of this truth to the breadth of my belief rather than recognizing my belief is only one small part of a whole reality that they present.
Now instead of thinking that the word of God is true because I believe it, I am beginning to humbly recognize that I believe in something that is true, not by my own power but by the grace of God which is given to reveal the person of Jesus so that I can begin to be restored to the promises of history and the present and growing reality of the kingdom. This light has already begun to burst forth in my heart and its rays are casting tender shadows whose height I cannot even begin to comprehend. There is much more here than I had previously imagined.

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Digital Pornography

Digital Media In the 21st century it is impossible to consider the implications of porn without also examining its relationship to the digitalised world that distracts so many from the real potential around them. Proverbs 27:20 says “the eyes of men are never satisfied,” and the experience of digital media makes that truth painfully obvious. The consumption of visual stimulation that provides neither physical nor spiritual connection is pervasive throughout modern society. Words, pictures, sounds, sights, and actions constantly bombard the senses with an overwhelming distraction that is somehow never satisfying. There is always a need for more, something better,...

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The Porn Problem

The Porn Problem The ‘porn problem’ is not a porn problem, but a relationship problem. In this regard pornography poses a special challenge to a believer. Before we explore this, it is significant to recognize that no matter what a person does, he or she will never pass beyond the grace of God, and the greater the sin, the greater the forgiveness. As I have struggled with pornography myself and continue to grow in purity, I constantly find myself more amazed at the grace of God for allowing me to sometimes resist the temptation, but mostly for continuing our relationship...