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Digital Pornography

Digital Media In the 21st century it is impossible to consider the implications of porn without also examining its relationship to the digitalised world that distracts so many from the real potential around them. Proverbs 27:20 says “the eyes of men are never satisfied,” and the experience of digital media makes that truth painfully obvious. The consumption of visual stimulation that provides neither physical nor spiritual connection is pervasive throughout modern society. Words, pictures, sounds, sights, and actions constantly bombard the senses with an overwhelming distraction that is somehow never satisfying. There is always a need for more, something better,...

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The Porn Problem

The Porn Problem The ‘porn problem’ is not a porn problem, but a relationship problem. In this regard pornography poses a special challenge to a believer. Before we explore this, it is significant to recognize that no matter what a person does, he or she will never pass beyond the grace of God, and the greater the sin, the greater the forgiveness. As I have struggled with pornography myself and continue to grow in purity, I constantly find myself more amazed at the grace of God for allowing me to sometimes resist the temptation, but mostly for continuing our relationship...

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Why Do We Fall?

‘Why do we fall?’ asked a great teacher to a willing student in a movie that I have seen and can scarcely remember at the moment. [Thanks to a reader for referring me to the batman video where the quote is from!] Though I don’t remember the answer to this question, I do remember the gracious sound of his voice as he sought to explain the potential benefits of learning to get back up after the student had lost his footing. But even as I think back to the movie, I hear the question played in my mind from a...

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Fast Food Sex

The sin of our present generation is not one of pursuing too much pleasure, but of pursuing too little. We know that what is valuable requires work to achieve. We know that something is missing from our experience of easy sex. Yet, we are not willing to work for more. Through porn I have discovered that whatever I desire is easy to achieve. I wonder if this could become a problem later on when pornography is an easy alternative to romance for sexual satisfaction. Those who pay for access to more exclusive pornography probably receive a greater amount of satisfaction...