• 3 Instead of taking all the first born children, God took the tribe of Levi. The redemption was 1 for 1.
  • 12 When Aaron and Miriam recognized that Moses’ marriage should have disqualified him from leadership, God did not rationalize their challenge. He simply said “He knows me.”
  • 13 The people were supposed to find out what kind of land they would live in. They were to look at the houses, the land, and the trees. They returned with a report of the people who lived there
    • Why was the land blessed when the people in it were not?
  • 17 God was sick of hearing all the people grumbling, so He decided to make clear who he had chosen as the leader.
  • 21 :18 The people sang a song and a well of water sprang out of the ground when the princes and nobles dug with their staffs and scepters.
  • 22 Balaam had a relationship with God that demonstrated Abraham’s promise: those you bless are blessed and those you curse are cursed (verse 6).
    • :34 Balaam recognized that he had sinned because he was unable to see the angel of the Lord.
  • 31 Balaam was killed with the people of Midian. These was the people where Moses had lived for 40 years.