School of Laughter

This morning when the official time for worship began, we were supposed to act on something or engage in some expressive with the music. I just wanted to sit and rest in the presence of God, but walked over to get some paper and pencils.

On the way, I ran into two people who were praying for each other I knew I wanted to join the circle and bless them both. Soon there were five of us praying and blessing each other. Somewhere in the middle of this, Nathalie began to pray for me and somehow I felt the room slip away and I stood before the King. All I wanted to do was fall to my knees and worship. I was ready to give up anything, go anywhere, become anyone before this revelation of greatness. I could not say enough words of praise to be worthy of Him.

As we continued to pray for one-ness and unity, I wanted to share this vision with others, so I reached up from where I was kneeling and began to pray for them. But I could not stay up on my knees and was soon curled over wondering at the mystery of God and reveling in the love that surrounded me.

It seemed like only a moment before the woman who prayed for me began to laugh like a little kid. Within a minute, I began to laugh so hard that I couldn’t let any sound out of my mouth. Because I was kneeled over on the floor laughing everyone thought I was crying. They all put their hands on me praying until I got up laughing and moaning because it hurt so bad to be laughing that hard.

It is so fun to see the way that God took us into a knowledge of His presence and expressed it through the gift of laughter. It was as if He was light-hearted and just hanging out showing us how easy it was to love Him. We spent the rest of the worship time laughing and praising God and just being happy about being His kids. It was the same feeling as Sunday that I cannot express, but this time there was an outlet.

My stomach still hurts from so much laughter. It was almost hilarious, but mostly sweet. Strong, but peaceful. What do you do when the pressure of the world is taken off of you and for a moment you have a taste of goodness? Try laughing.