Surrounded by Music

Everything is connected. I am hearing music to which I learned to dance and watching people worship to it. I love to see that they recognize the source of their identity. Unlike years past I know singing music is not simply a sacrifice that is given to God. We do not sing together because God wants it to happen. We sing together because it reminds us who we are on the basis of Who created us. Great people must worship a great God and a person is limited by the power of the god that He serves. Knowing our identity as sons of God (in the same way as Jesus) is the source of our power to exercise dominion over the earth.

Last night I discovered a You Tube video channel that explores the interaction between light and sound. The creator showed color and motion in relation to sound and create sound through motion. I understood for the first time the way in which I am learning to interact with music. I see music as motion. I don’t just hear it. I am sensing something with two of my senses at the same time. I am also beginning to hear the colors and shapes of objects – I don’t yet hear them in ways I can identify, but I recognize they are beautiful when they sound right. Sounding and looking are almost interchangeable terms for me.

Watching someone else explore this possibility with the same kind of fascination that I feel was refreshing. It was like discovering something about the world that God had created. The only appropriate response is one of worship.

Imagine, people are only learning new ways to see and experience the world around us. What about when we are able to interact with it using these new ways? What will happen as the children of God come to know their Father and take on themselves the truth of their identity by right of His love?

Creation waits in eager expectation for this day! Meanwhile I am reading through BBC future about underwater housing, about the problems of global woraming wrecking a small village in Alaska, about future problems with space junk, about the possibility of creating a lift in to space. It’s all connected. The only reason why any of this is possible is because some human or groups of people have come together in unity to create and dominate and be the kind of people we were meant to be. It is exciting to discover the way that the universe works together. Some of these people may not know Jesus, but they are aware of their identity as human beings who can create and interact with nature in the same way that God has done. What if they knew their full identity?