What a Life!

The past few days, I have been frustrated with God for revealing so much of His nature and character to me. I feel like I have been given an incredible gift that I need to steward well. Because I value the revelation that he gives me, He continues to pour it out. {He who is faithful in what is least will be faithful with much.} However, I am unable to capture all of it or to share it all and that can be incredibly difficult. I feel like I am stuffed full of His goodness and need some way to overflow and let it go. I primarily do this through writing.

I often think of the parables Jesus told about the men who were given talents to invest for their master. One was given ten, another 5, and still another, 1. Their master expected them to use what he had given them with wisdom and turn the gifts into something more than what they have been given

I have been given a lot – or so it seems. In the past week, this gift and blessing has become a burden that I no longer enjoy. It takes lots of time to write down everything that God is saying and in many ways, I feel inadequate to capture everything that is going on. Sometimes I ask if a revelation is for me, or for me to share it with others because I am sick of writing (I have written about 100 pages in the past week).

Tonight I was talking with God about how the great responsibility I feel toward the blessings He has given me. How can I be faithful with so much blessing? It’s overwhelming.

“It’s too much,” I said. But I would never want anything less.

He replied saying: “I have given you the world.” As a co-heir with Jesus Christ of the kingdom of God, I have been given the blessing of every good thing. It is impossible for me to be a faithful steward of everything that is mine. I have been given so much more than I even know!

Then what’s the point of this blessing? John 15: “Abide.” God reveals Himself to His people, not so we can be faithful to do something with the revelation, but so that we can love Him through it. God simply wants us to know Him and be known by Him.

As I do this (abide – know my identity as one whom Jesus loves), I become the person who can be faithful with the gifts of revelation He has given me and enjoy the way that He uses them to reveal Himself to others. My job is simple: love. My responsibility is easy: love. The result: {The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who is given to us.}

What a life!