The Call


 “Come near. Be still. Rest

The chaos, the bitterness,

And all that would test…

Let me carry, give to me,

Your impossible responsibility.

And all that makes you weary

Let it go. Come. Be near me.”

This call, I hear. My heart responds,

But something inside keeps fighting on.

I have no will to break the bonds,

That keep me striving on and always on,

Forever in search of something.

Always hoping and wishing,

For someday when I can bring

To Him expensive offerings.

Of gold, of frankincense, of myrrh.

Of treasures valued highly on the earth.

Achievements, awards, pieces of paper

Saying I did what I could to win His favor.

I know He smiles when I look like Him.

He helps me up when I fall again and again.

But even as I walk beside Him,

His face is fading, becoming so very dim.

The picture shining crisp and clear.

The morning dew singing that He is near,

Fall silent, grow dark, and lose their color.

What happened to the beauty and the wonder?

He has not changed, or gone away.

Whenever I call, He is there. Night or day.

I begin to wonder, have I lost my way?

But He set me on this path, knowing I would obey.

Now what? I am faithful. And where is He?

Perhaps walking beside me, but I can’t see.

Through the talents of gold He has given me,

To invest in rewards that will last for all eternity.

Consumed by my responsibility, my love fades,

My knowledge grows and wisdom goes, away.

I am capable, entrusted, skilled in trades,

That establish His kingdom here on earth today.

Why can’t He seem to understand,

That I’m too busy to spend time with Him?

He’s always standing by with open hand,

Ready to become a brilliant distraction,

If I would only let go of the work He has given –

Release the burden that was never mine to bear.

Perhaps the joy of stewardship is free from care.

Perhaps all He wanted was a person to share

The joy of making His presence known everywhere.

Starting with me.