Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige. The obligation of the nobility. The duty of royalty. The posture of a prince. All can be summed up in a word: service.

Royalty comes with responsibility. The responsibility of stewarding others. The posture of a prince is one that serves his people. He sacrifices his own desires for the expense of his Father’s kingdom. He lets go of his ambitions for the sake of serving his people. He gives his life to defend and protect those in his kingdom who cannot do so. His title is high and lofty, yet his life is low and humble. Because of his identity, his life is not his own. It belongs to the people that he serves. His greatest reward is to see them prosper.

As a prince in the kingdom of heaven, I share the identity of One who will receive the title King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This man, Jesus, gave up his life for that reward. What will I give up to share in this inheritance? What will I sacrifice? Are the citizens of this kingdom worth the price? Do I love in such a way that my life is meaningless except as an investment in others? Can I trust my Father to provide for me while I give more than I have to those who will never know what it cost me?

I have written before that my call is not one that allows me to live a life of ease and comfort. Now I am coming to understand why I say this. It has everything to do with nobility. The prince does not live his life for his own comfort and for his own success. Everything that he does is for the success of the kingdom. His life is governed by traditions, necessities, and above all honor. Yet, without love, all of this is worthless.


Father, thank you for giving me your love for others. Thank you for letting me see them in the way that you do. Thank you for changing my heart. I humbly accept my great responsibility of becoming the servant of all. Only by your grace and wisdom will I succeed. I thank you for granting me the riches of your wisdom. I thank you for the freedom to fail and try again. I thank you that you are in the process of making me more into the image of Jesus, who made this life possible.