It’s theology through a story. It’s truth in poetry. It’s life changing in depth. How can a single writer make complex theological concepts practical and accessible for the world we all live in every day? In my own experience, the power of an idea comes less from its eloquence than from its relevance. A theoretical concept is only worth as much as one is willing to put it into practice. Everything you see here has grown from my own experiment, study, and testing with my own life to see if these ideas really are worth sharing.

Road to Royalty: A Journey to Relationship


Prayer, Prophecy, Suffering, Life-Changing Risks, Questions of Faith, Encounters with Love, God, Christian Lifestyle, Truth (Jesus): all of these topics and more are explored in the context of this 300 page personal journey. Philosophical arguments, logical deductions, Biblical analyses, and even a short fiction story explore the complex questions of Christianity in a childlike process of discovery.

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Love, Lust, & POWER – Rethinking the Christian Approach to Pornography

Love Lust & Power*Coming Fall 2016*

In a world that is shaped by questions of sexual identity, cries for freedom of individual expression, and endless charades of intimacy created only to induce viewers to open their wallets, it is no wonder that the church is just as confused as everyone else when it comes to the subject of pornography. Certainly we feel worse about using it, and maybe even have some sense of responsibility to make a difference in this area. However, the solution to the pervasive and excessive use of pornography is not another sex technique, abstinence class, or sermon on its evil effects. Perhaps the problem and its solution go  much deeper than anyone has expected…

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The Choice

Lasting change does not come through conformity but through transformation of the individual. Learn how a simple but profound truth can open the door to all that life has to offer.

*Expected late 2017*

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