Branching Out

Aristotle’s analogy of the tree has become very interesting to me. It states that the top of the tree could be squished together and would be no larger than the base of the tree. Have you ever seen a tree that was top-heavy? It is usually lying on the ground.


I am trying to understand at what point I branch out from the core of who I am and let a specific part of who I am express itself more fully. When does business become its own branch of the tree representing my life? Branching out is risky. It is the weakest part of the tree. But it is also the point of growth. When there are two branches instead of one, there are many more opportunities for leaves and fruits.

Do I let this opportunity that has grown inside me expose itself to the world and become a branch that others can see. The longer I wait, the more inaccessible the branch becomes. If I choose to branch out now, more people can use it as a way to climb higher. It facilitates relationships.

A single focus is good, but it remains limited. A tree that never branches out, never has more than one or two leaves and is inconsistently smaller on top than on the bottom – or perhaps it never grows.

I cannot have more than a few main branches, or they will all be very small and fight with each other for space, but I can launch separate branches at different points in my life and continue to grow so I can support even more branches.

Right now, the one that comes from my heart is listen love lead. I think I am ready to let it grow, but am not sure what steps to take to make that happen.Image