The Joy of Being Human

Tonight, I experienced the joy of being human. It was everything I needed to feel and part of the truth that I needed to know. The magic of the moment was created through the belief that each person contributed to the occasion and in the process of coming together, each contribution became somehow more valuable. Identity was not lost in community, but rather strengthened.

As the speaker said, the magic of the moment was not a result of the setting, but of the individuals who gathered there. It could be reached by letting go of self-inflicted boundaries, reaching across pointless barriers, and living for a moment as if people were meant to be truly free.

In response, the structure and order in which people live day to day was temporarily lifted for a moment of celebration. The beat of drums and the movement of a crowd blended together in a synchronous harmony governed by the eternal laws of rhythm and music.

One of many, each person present was extraordinarily unique. Almost all were strangers. Yet, all were bound through a magic spark that reaches across time and space in the heart of every person who has ever lived: the joy of being human.

…What if that moment was meant to last forever? What if it was just a taste of things to come? How do I find my way back to its bittersweet memory and bring it to life for others?

How do we reach the other side?

How do we reach the other side?