The Oxford Promise

{A short excerpt from my upcoming book “Road to Royalty”}

Walking beside the banks of the River Thames in Oxford, I was struck by a feeling that made my heart skip a beat and my breath come short. A split second beam of light from the clouded sky flashed into my soul and disappeared leaving me fulfilled, longing, and excited to discover what just happened.

In anticipation and peace, I began waiting to discover what my heart now knew: that faith and life could be one not two. The fairytale would become reality and the Kingdom of God everything as I learned to see the world with eyes of faith. It was joy. It was love. It was the work of the Spirit.

As I become open to knowing, I would come to understand. The lives of those exemplified and admired could be mine, if I thought the reward worth the fight. The battle had not changed since the dawn of time. It was a fight with pride; a time to die to self that one may find life. No longer deceived by empty pleasures or satisfied with religion, I would fight for what was real: Trinity, knowing God – all that is good.