Time Travel

I have a choice and an opportunity before me to pursue beauty. I can explore and discover the secrets that have been covered up by history.

Not in the form of tangible objects but in the form of knowledge and practice of life. These things can be rediscovered through the mind.

As I center on my relationship with God and trust to the power of Jesus to draw me ever further into the Father’s love, I am free to pursue the fairy tale, the mystery, and the enchantment that draws me ever deeper. This has grown ever stronger over the past weeks and months and now threatens to pull me into things that I would never have dared to touch in the past.

Now, from a place of safety and love, I am empowered to visit what is shrouded in the veil of history and has been lost to the memory of modern man.

I have become a time traveller.

Through the writings of others, I can relive their experiences. Through the truth of scripture, I can uncover the pure form of humanity. Through the application of what I discover, I can share these things with the world.