The question of faith is not some work that still remains to be done. There is not a required decision, process, or ritual that must be completed properly before a person can be saved. The question of faith is a choice whether a person will act as if Jesus has truly completed all the requirements for salvation.

Seeing others through the eyes of grace, we see them Not as incomplete but whole. Not as in process, but complete. We see what others cannot: their ability to walk in freedom, truth, and light. They are not prisoners bound in chains who we have come to free; they are free men who willingly sit in prison because it is ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable.’ In their hearts, they know there is a world outside to explore, adventures to be had, and life to be lived. Yet, they choose to submit to their fear and pretend that they are unable to leave the prison that surrounds them. They are free, but they wrap themselves in chains and try to convince themselves that they really can’t get out. What foolishness! The chains have been broken. There is nothing left in between the individual and the promise of daylight that streams through the open prison door.

We enter this prison of mind to give the willing captives something to hold on to as they begin the journey of freedom. When we speak words of love and truth, they need not listen to fear. When we speak of trust and satisfaction, they need not worship comfort. When we love with unconditional acceptance, they need not wonder what the others will say, or accept the mocking laughter that will follow them to the door. When we act as if they are free, we shatter the illusion that they are captive and give them the courage to walk with those that have no chains.

Jesus came that people might have life and have it more abundantly. As we live in this truth, we can begin to share it with others who do not yet know the blessing it holds. As we share its truth, the desire to experience it will begin to grow in those whose hearts already know its reality. As that desire grows, its reality will begin to overpower the illusion that people often choose to accept in its place. As the illusion is overpowered, another relationship is restored. As the relationship is restored, another person is brought from darkness to light, from death to life, from sin to righteousness, and from pride to humility. Jesus Christ is glorified as His gift becomes the means by which yet another person comes to live in the freedom He has won!

It is finished, the work is done.
Take your freedom, run.
Bound by nothing, through the door.
Seek, find, ask for more.
Nothing lacking, all loss is gain.
Know the truth, life, way.
Holding loosely, what is received.
More will come, believe.
Imperfect start, infinite end.
Complete as its begun.
No price to pay, the promise done
Fight beginning, won!