Leave the Crib. Learn to Crawl.

Baby Fist BumpWhat kind of parent wants their little child to grow up and sit in their lap all day? What kind of parents are happy when their 25 year old son cannot figure out what to do with his life besides sit in their basement, eat their food, and play video games? What kind of parent dreams of raising a child that will one day do nothing with their life besides come over to visit every now and again?

Every parent wants their child to love them, but every parent also wants their child to grow up at some point. The baby that sat in the crib shaking rattles all day may become the drummer for a garage band. The cute little angel that cooed at every person who walked by the stroller may become the Public Relations director at a local firm. It all starts with the cooing, but it has to become something more than that. I haven’t tried sitting in a chair and cooing at people lately, but I don’t think it would make my parents proud!

The drummer has to move beyond rattles at some point.

So it is with Christian life. Father God loves His little children SO MUCH! He loves us for everything we are, dirty diapers and all. He sees us as perfect just the way we are because of Jesus. But He doesn’t want us to stay in the crib forever! At some point he pulls us out, puts us on the floor and helps us learn to crawl, walk, and kick around a soccer ball. No matter how many times we fall and fail, He is proud of us for being His kids and for trying to be like Him.

He is saying, “Come on! You can do this! I’m proud of you! Let’s go! Just another step!…” until we find ourselves under the floodlights of a super-dome playing soccer for a national team. Or on the local ball field coaching a little league game. Or giving up soccer in order to try hockey.

No matter what, He is pleased. He loves the times we spend with Him, but he wants to do more than watch you sit there, He wants to watch you play the game of life. He wants to teach you how, comfort you when you fail, and inspire you to even greater things!

Babies can’t do anything besides receiving love and care from their parents. That is where it starts. But that is not where it ends. What did Jesus do? He turned the world upside down and affected history for the past 2000 years. What did Father God do? He made the world!

Do you want to be like your Father in Heaven? Try making something. Start something too big for you to finish. Reach for the stars – or whatever captures your interest. He made you unique for a special purpose and His joy is to see you fulfill that.

Like any parent, Father God is proud of you just the way you are. But it is your choice how you will respond when He pulls you out of that warm, safe, and comfortable crib and sets you on the floor for the first time. Will you take the challenge of learning to crawl and see what adventures lie ahead? Or like the 22 year old girl cooing on the corner, do you just want to just stop by and visit every now and again?

Leave the Crib. Learn to Crawl.