With the temptation, there is a way of escape, but the simple plastic pleasure overwhelms me. When I let it come so close, it blocks out all the beauty far away and for a moment it’s all I want. But once I reach out my hand to touch it, all the joy it promised melts away leaving only a hollow shell to echo the guilt I now feel.

The problem is that sin, brought so close blocks the light that once warmed my heart. No, the sin itself does not block the light, but I must choose to turn away from It to indulge my desire. Once turned away, I have rejected all that is good and true and light and joy in one simple action.

Turning back is hard, but/because it forces me to humbly crawl back to the only one who can give me what I desire. In my stupidity I first turned away, but in his ever-present grace, I am welcomed back again and again if I will only choose to return.