Awake – A Poem

Awake! O long enslumbered hour.
Arise ye from your sacred bower.
Long enchanted, yet, in silence kept.
Preserved, your lightsome secret slept.
Like fading daylight, none can tell,
Where left the sun and darkness fell.
Repeats the resonating evensong…
While shadow grows him tall and long.
The truth, it seemed, were there in sight,
But scarcely could reveal. The fading light,
Had cast its shade across the lonely hill.
There, sleeping flowers rose and fell.
The wind their spirits carried far and high,
O’re mountain peak, and hill, and grassy lie.
Co-mingled, raced into the wings of time,
Addicted to the melody that once sublime.
Now hurled, now dashed to pieces on a rocky ledge,
Now lost in mossy banks by waters edge.
None could know the morrow promised life.
None could show whether or where it would when arrive.
Yet, completely given to the moment of joy,
Resilient, nothing could their song destroy.
And thus, as one with sound, with song,
The fragrant essence furthered on and on.
Where once were many, now were none.
Of what was given, now only finding one.
One sight, one scent, one sound, it is.
For what the flower but what it gives.
And as the silver moonlight descended,
The symphony of sound crescendoed.
Joined by the abandoned light of petals,
Colors, shapes, some creases and crackles.
Awakened, abandoned to light of night.
Unforced, enchanted by delight,
Their secret clear, of letting go – of being,
Of giving all to join the light in singing.