Jesus Is Alive?

I finalized an essay earlier today that explores the implications of Jesus and the law. I am fascinated by Jesus and His role in the history of humanity. However, somehow I forgot that He died and came back to life. This means that He is alive, but somehow separated from his people that are on earth so that we can’t see Him.

What does this mean for our interactions? Does He actually interact with us or is He busy at work doing something while the Spirit works in us. Except that the same Spirit is in us as in Him, which means we are one. So if we talk, it’s like talking to ourselves.

I just realized the implications of Jesus being alive. If everything I believe about history and theology is true, then He must be alive. I cannot communicate the spark of this idea in the way that it is effecting me. Have I never thought of Jesus in present context as being the same one who I read about in history and in prophecy, still around today?

I guess I have prayed to Jesus, but why? Does He listen and hear, or do we pray to “Our Father” as He taught his disciples. Our Father. His father, my father. We’re brothers, but we’re also one. We are the same, but I am a part of his bride. This is a lot of weird stuff all coming together. However, if that’s who He is, then who I am must in some way take into account that He is. He is now and here. Present and somehow very real even though I can’t see him – or usually hear him. In fact, I can’t interact with Him on the basis of any of my senses except perhaps electricity or what could be my spirit or invisible existence. I have gotten so used to knowing through my body that I discount what I know apart from what it can sense. However, the effect on my body that this realization has had is unique. Shivers of excitement, a flight or fight response, a total focus on the idea.

In over two decades of knowing about him, have I never thought of Jesus as more than a story or a figment of my imagination? Perhaps he is representative of something invisible. But even this last case requires that he BE someone or something. If he is simply a story, then it is no more significant than Greek or Egyptian mythology. I must believe this to be the case, or I must believe that He is actually a person. And if the stories are of an actual person, He is not far away. I don’t know which option scares me more.