Luminouré: Walking in The Light

This morning I find myself looking into the books of 2 Peter and 1 John seeking to embrace the truth as it is written rather than as it is thought in my mind. There is a crystal clarity that seems to emerge as I approach this book (the Bible) with an understanding that what it contains is a revelation of the truth that I still only partly know and believe.

Furthermore, I am convicted by that which is written to testify of what is true and to reveal how I can know that I walk in it. Some of the things I have rationalized in the past months appear to simply be untrue. Those who will walk as children of light must be in the light even as the Father is in the light (from 1 John 1:5-7). That which is, has been revealed and illuminated (Luminouré) in order to be walked in, not simply examined from the shadows.