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Morality can either be the walls of a prison or a foundation to build a life on. Follow this category to participate in a conversation on how to live with moral freedom.

Contradiction of Tradition 0

Contradiction of Tradition

I have often said that Christianity isn’t about doing certain stuff, but about going through life walking with God. At the same time, the only way I knew of going through life in a Christian way was by doing the Christian stuff.   It’s like often happens to me: I know what to do long before I find myself able to do it. Even though I understand this, it still feels like I am trying to push beyond some biblical barrier. The one thing that keeps me confident going this direction is that it has brought me back to my...

Love and Freedom 0

Love and Freedom

Without freedom, love cannot exist. Actions undertaken for the sake of love have a value that is derived from their very existence. Actions undertaken for the sake of religious duty, personal obligation, or social expectation have value only in the feeling that they are able to arouse in the recipient. Yet, even this feeling becomes an expected right – or worse, a required response – when the parties involved in the transaction feel restricted to this particular set of behaviors and responses. This idea is demonstrated by the child who is forced by his parents to apologize to a sibling...



The question of faith is not some work that still remains to be done. There is not a required decision, process, or ritual that must be completed properly before a person can be saved. The question of faith is a choice whether a person will act as if Jesus has truly completed all the requirements for salvation. Seeing others through the eyes of grace, we see them Not as incomplete but whole. Not as in process, but complete. We see what others cannot: their ability to walk in freedom, truth, and light. They are not prisoners bound in chains who...

A 4-D Lifestyle – Initial Thoughts 1

A 4-D Lifestyle – Initial Thoughts

In the past few days I have come to understand something a little bit more clearly.   The enjoyment of music is the same If not greater for the lonely barefoot man with nothing else than for the man who has everything else. For the first, the most beautiful things of the world are his. They are his because they are free. They are his because no one can take them from him. Even a deaf person can still hear the music of his or her soul. A blind person can still see through his or her imagination. While it...