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Passion and Morality 0

Passion and Morality

“The passions of man will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice without restraint.” Alexander Hamilton



The question of faith is not some work that still remains to be done. There is not a required decision, process, or ritual that must be completed properly before a person can be saved. The question of faith is a choice whether a person will act as if Jesus has truly completed all the requirements for salvation. Seeing others through the eyes of grace, we see them Not as incomplete but whole. Not as in process, but complete. We see what others cannot: their ability to walk in freedom, truth, and light. They are not prisoners bound in chains who...

Greatness! 0


I am a product of greatness. Of great men, of great leaders, great ideas, and great teachers. All these shaped the world around me yet remain unseen, wielding transformative power only in the world of words. To the one who looks, they leave a great treasure. To him who applies what he sees, they bestow the legacy of greatness.

back into our bloodstream. 0

back into our bloodstream.

As the snow begins to fall, here’s one last salute to the fall of 2013. May you always be a beautiful memory.