Road to Royalty e-book

“Road to Royalty” reads like a conversation with a close friend over a good meal; at once enjoyable, satisfying, and thought-provoking.

–           Zak Weston

The Road to Royalty is a story of a journey. It begins with a fictional adventure in which several characters from a small post-industrial city seek to discover the truth about a place called the King’s Country. This short story of a dream ends with a question that the author proceeds to explore through the remainder of the book.

Unlike most Christian lifestyle books, this book presents the question and its answers within the context of a story. The plot is easy to follow, fun to read, and unsettling in its depth. Within these pages, the author uses his own life as a test case to prove the ideas that most people will only think about. His straightforward insights into why people think, act, and behave as they do will leave you asking questions about life that you have never before considered.

These questions have an answer, but you will not find it in this book. Instead, the author will take you on a journey with him to discover for yourself what it means to walk on the Road to Royalty.

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