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What does not satisfy when we find it was not the thing that we were desiring.
– C.S.Lewis The Pilgrims Regress

Sex is like air, it only matters when you’re not getting any. – John Callahan


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** Coming Fall 2016 **

A new approach to the problem of porn – designed to uncover the secret desire for truth, goodness, and beauty that drives the misdirected use of pornography.

The popular obsession with sex and the reactionary message of abstinence highlights a growing problem in contemporary culture: people aren’t getting any. Not that no one is trying, the statistics of Aids, STD’s, Abortion, and relational violence prove that our culture is desperate for a hint of sexual satisfaction.

Even among church-goers, it is rare to find an individual who has decided to delay sexual gratification until marriage. Between pornography, masturbation, and lust, no person is immune from the headlong pursuit of sexual expression.

Unfortunately, most of these things do not satisfy the inner craving for sex, but only intensify the desire. (Read the 4D document).

Perhaps the solution is not another sex technique, abstinence class, or sermon on the evils of pornography. Perhaps the problem and its solution go deeper than anyone has expected. What if the problem goes all the way to the core of human nature and the heart of western culture?

Sex and Philosophy

The trouble with philosophy is that it often resides outside the realm of practicality. In approaching this book, I tried very hard to reason on a pragmatic level on issues relevant to the church and to popular culture. My own struggle to be free of the restrictions placed upon my sexuality by the church has inspired much of this work and fills it with a sense of personal application that is missing from more theoretical books. I desperately need an answer to the questions that I address here and so I am guided by my writing to discover how to live.

The questions I need to answer is one of how much value I am going to choose to place on the experience of sex? Will it be a life-changing event or something with no more significance than walking the dog? I believe that this decision belongs to the individual along with the consequences for following through. However, in approaching sex from a Christian perspective, one must deal with the idea of morality and the religious concept that God is the one who decides how important sex should be to the Christian. This question has been traditionally framed as one of what sorts of actions I should avoid in order to escape the wrath of God. However, this perspective violates the heart of the Christian message and creates little incentive for embracing a Biblical standard.

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“Fifty Days to Freedom” – an exclusive guided journaling experience to discover what motivates the use of pornography and how these desires can be more effectively achieved.

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