Road To Royalty: A Journey to Relationship

Road to Royalty CoverDiscover the joy of learning of re-imagining life as a Christian in the context of a relationship with God and with others. Join me on a journey to rediscover faith, hope, love, prayer, and life worth living!

The Road to Royalty is first of all a story. It is my story, which makes it very special, but it is also the story of every person who has wondered if there might be something more to life and to faith. This book was not written like most autobiographies, which look to the past to remember what happened, or like most spiritual growth books which offer a vision of the future. Instead, it captures the moment of change with all its confusion and uncertainty. This means that the story-line is not perfect – life never is – but it is real, relate-able, and as it progresses, filled with hope, direction, and inspiration for your own journey into the joy and freedom of relationship.

Watch as I struggle under the burden of religious conviction that nearly destroyed my life. Celebrate the power of love to overcome the fear of failure and to become the foundation for a life filled with joy and with hope. Join me as I discover the power of prayer and wonder as my life is transformed through an encounter with God. Within these pages you will find yourself over and over again, but you will also recognize the potential that you have to become someone new, someone alive, and excited for the stage of your life journey. The Road to Royalty is not just a story of the past, it is a story of the present, and a map to the future for everyone that dares to risk stepping out on the journey.



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Read this book expecting to be seriously moved. The wisdom that is revealed during Charles’ journey of faith is life changing. It woke me up and made me realize that all of life had been a lie, and it might just do the same for you.

Abe – Indiana (age 16)



This is a powerful book that is filled with God’s wisdom and heart. This book contains deep revelation; it’s simple, yet life altering. If you are looking for more of God in your life I highly recommend this book. This book will open your heart and eyes and take you on your own “Road to Royalty.”
Dr. Megan, D.C. – Minnesota


Charles writing has encouraged me to go deeper! My own walk had gotten a bit off track and I was quickly reminded that the only track is an all out pursuit of the heart of God.

Tim – Indiana


I have had the pleasure of knowing Charles for several years, and in many conversations over lunch and coffee, on walks or on the phone, I have been blessed by his wisdom and friendliness. As you read through his journey, I think you will find the same thoughtful and passionate reflection I found as his friend. This book is drawn from Charles’ experiences in many foreign cultures, his many friendships, his education, his wrestling with profound questions, and his relationship with God through Christ. If you have ever struggled with or thought about the roles of reason vs. faith, knowing God vs. knowing of God, love, prayer, God’s will, the Holy Spirit’s power, pain, doubt, or hope, this book is worth reading. Grace so amazing can also be confusing. As Charles discovers, the beauty and power of Christian living are the fruits of the a relationship. We cannot sustain our Christian service until we are imbued by God with His love, His power, His grace, His joy, and His peace. Finding God is not a one-time discovery that impels our service for the rest of our life; rather the Christian walk is a relational discovering of God’s characters and attributes, and our service becomes an act of worship that deepens and strengthens this all-important divine relationship.


Thomas Aquinas described the chief aim of life as nothing short of friendship (in the deepest and richest possible sense of that term) with God Himself. I believe you will be spurred to greater intimacy in your divine friendship by Road to Royalty. I won’t spoil the journey for you, but as you become acquainted with Charles in these pages you will find yourself sharing the joys and the trials, the struggles and the victories. His ordinary story is made extraordinary through the unmistakable power of a loving and relational God.


Zak – Michigan



About the Book:

The Road to Royalty is a story of a journey. It begins with a fictional adventure in which several characters from a small post-industrial city seek to discover the truth about a place called the King’s Country. This short story, taken entirely from a dream, ends with a question that the author proceeds to explore through the remainder of the book.

Unlike most Christian lifestyle books, this book presents the question and its answers within the context of a story. The plot is easy to follow, fun to read, and thought provoking in its depth. Within these pages, the author uses his own life as a test case to prove the ideas that most people will only think about. His straightforward insights into why we think, act, and behave as we do will leave you asking questions about life in Christ that you have never before considered.

These questions have an answer, but the author does not pretend to know it in full. Instead, he describes the path he has discovered to this answer and invites you to walk with him on The Road to Royalty.


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