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Business leadership has recently understood the value of active participation by every group member in order to facilitate effective change. Education on the other hand has largely left the process of change in the hands of a speaker or presenter. The church has borrowed extensively from this second model and only just begun to explore the value of the first through the development of small groups.

In my own experience as a leader in the church, I have seen a dramatic difference between those who are given support to discover the truth and those who must simply take what is handed to them by a speaker. For this reason, my speaking engagements are a blend of presentation and facilitation (following the model of Elyseum Hall). Truth does little good for one who hears unless they are given the time and process they need to personalize its meaning and value. By providing a framework for learning, I can effectively guide individuals through the process of discovering the ideas shared on this site.



In conjunction with the development and publication of “Love, Lust & Power” and “The Choice,” there are several speaking series that are in various stages of completion.

Road to Royalty

Developed specifically for a summer camp audience on the theme of identity as God’s children, Road to Royalty includes 4-5 sessions of presentation, interaction, discussion, and sharing. It is designed to make some of the more complex ideas of faith, truth, hope, and love more tangible and accessible to minds in the making.

Moral Freedom

Young adults in their teen and college years will find the two-part exploration of morality in the context of sexuality to be particularly refreshing, challenging, and relevant. The learning experience can be completed within a 3-4 hour evening session, or extended to include additional discussion and more time for hands-on discovery and community building. For some this will be “the first time the gospel really made sense.”

Transformational Leadership

Discover the power of love to transform the position of a leader into a platform through which the gifts, talents, and unique identity of those around you finally have a safe context to emerge, thrive, and drive forward both individual and corporate objectives. For more information about this approach leadership, please visit www.listenlovelead.com/about

How to Connect

If you find that the ideas here would be valuable to those you serve, I would like to work with you to either provide materials and resources, training for whoever will be teaching, or even my own services as a professional learning facilitator. Most of my work is currently focused in the northern Colorado area, but I am open to branching out as I believe the message I have to share is vital to the restoration of the American church as a whole. Please let me know you are interested in partnering with me to bring these ideas to your community by filling out the form below.

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