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Leave the Crib. Learn to Crawl. 1

Leave the Crib. Learn to Crawl.

What kind of parent wants their little child to grow up and sit in their lap all day? What kind of parents are happy when their 25 year old son cannot figure out what to do with his life besides sit in their basement, eat their food, and play video games? What kind of parent dreams of raising a child that will one day do nothing with their life besides come over to visit every now and again? Every parent wants their child to love them, but every parent also wants their child to grow up at some point. The...

School of Laughter 0

School of Laughter

This morning when the official time for worship began, we were supposed to act on something or engage in some expressive with the music. I just wanted to sit and rest in the presence of God, but walked over to get some paper and pencils. On the way, I ran into two people who were praying for each other I knew I wanted to join the circle and bless them both. Soon there were five of us praying and blessing each other. Somewhere in the middle of this, Nathalie began to pray for me and somehow I felt the room...