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A Pumpkin of Peace 0

A Pumpkin of Peace

Catholic Charities has an apartment-style building in St. Paul to help financially challenged individuals begin to live on their own. As our first outreach day for the school of ministry, we offered to spend our morning working on a landscaping project for them. Unlike most other landscaping projects I have worked on, this one had a special purpose beyond a smart-looking street-side view. We were going to bless the land with peace. Our purpose was to pray peace over the people who lived there and over everyone who would walk by. When you have a purpose of imparting a gift...

Branching Out 0

Branching Out

Aristotle’s analogy of the tree has become very interesting to me. It states that the top of the tree could be squished together and would be no larger than the base of the tree. Have you ever seen a tree that was top-heavy? It is usually lying on the ground.   I am trying to understand at what point I branch out from the core of who I am and let a specific part of who I am express itself more fully. When does business become its own branch of the tree representing my life? Branching out is risky. It...