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Luminouré – Part Two: The Word of Truth

I relegated the power of this truth to the breadth of my belief rather than recognizing my belief is only one small part of a whole reality that they present.
Now instead of thinking that the word of God is true because I believe it, I am beginning to humbly recognize that I believe in something that is true, not by my own power but by the grace of God which is given to reveal the person of Jesus so that I can begin to be restored to the promises of history and the present and growing reality of the kingdom. This light has already begun to burst forth in my heart and its rays are casting tender shadows whose height I cannot even begin to comprehend. There is much more here than I had previously imagined.

The Oxford Promise 0

The Oxford Promise

{A short excerpt from my upcoming book “Road to Royalty”} Walking beside the banks of the River Thames in Oxford, I was struck by a feeling that made my heart skip a beat and my breath come short. A split second beam of light from the clouded sky flashed into my soul and disappeared leaving me fulfilled, longing, and excited to discover what just happened. In anticipation and peace, I began waiting to discover what my heart now knew: that faith and life could be one not two. The fairytale would become reality and the Kingdom of God everything as...

Genesis 0


Questions and Observations Genesis 2-4 Adam was cursed ‘because he had done this’ Eve was simply cursed. The curses happened in their physical bodies and in their relationship to the earth – these were the two things that had been violated. Abel’s blood cried out and cain was cursed in relationship to the ground because he had spilled blood into it. Cain went away from the presence of the Lord – which must have still been somewhere with Adam and Eve. As Lamech’s poem indicates, his offspring maintained a knowledge of God, but did not live in His presence. Genesis...