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Quality Time 0

Quality Time

“God we don’t spend enough time together,” I said, recognizing that I was seriously starving for the opportunity of purposeful prayer for an extended period of time. As I come to grow and appreciate my walk with God on a daily basis, I am often surprised by the things that I forget. There are habits that have brought me to this place that fall behind as I rush forward into the next phase of my adventure into the mystery of God. I forget that the next steps build on the first steps and the foundation must be expanded if the...

Experiencing Joy 0

Experiencing Joy

Often these days, I wish to open this blog and write about life or what it is becoming. Yet, in order to do this successfully, I would need to understand what is going on. I feel like thanksgiving dinner that was sitting on a serving plate under a silver cover to keep warm. Now the cover has been removed. And what do I see? Instead of darkness, there is light. Instead of a rounded sky of dim silver, there is nothing – and yet, there is everything. Whatever had surrounded me for the past length of time is gone. I...

The Never Ending Song 0

The Never Ending Song

For the past many days my heart and my head have been filled with thoughts that swirl around like patterns of leaves caught in the fall breeze that sweeps across Minnesota this time of the year. My heart is filled to overflowing and expresses itself in music, in drawing, in writing, in encouraging other people, and in reaching moments of inexpressible joy. In the same way, my mind is constantly at work exploring new ideas, synthesizing information and creating opportunities. I am becoming more fully human than I ever expected human to be and yet have no way to describe...