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Love and Freedom 0

Love and Freedom

Without freedom, love cannot exist. Actions undertaken for the sake of love have a value that is derived from their very existence. Actions undertaken for the sake of religious duty, personal obligation, or social expectation have value only in the feeling that they are able to arouse in the recipient. Yet, even this feeling becomes an expected right – or worse, a required response – when the parties involved in the transaction feel restricted to this particular set of behaviors and responses. This idea is demonstrated by the child who is forced by his parents to apologize to a sibling...

The Joy of Being Human 0

The Joy of Being Human

Tonight, I experienced the joy of being human. It was everything I needed to feel and part of the truth that I needed to know. The magic of the moment was created through the belief that each person contributed to the occasion and in the process of coming together, each contribution became somehow more valuable. Identity was not lost in community, but rather strengthened. As the speaker said, the magic of the moment was not a result of the setting, but of the individuals who gathered there. It could be reached by letting go of self-inflicted boundaries, reaching across pointless...