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Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige. The obligation of the nobility. The duty of royalty. The posture of a prince. All can be summed up in a word: service. Royalty comes with responsibility. The responsibility of stewarding others. The posture of a prince is one that serves his people. He sacrifices his own desires for the expense of his Father’s kingdom. He lets go of his ambitions for the sake of serving his people. He gives his life to defend and protect those in his kingdom who cannot do so. His title is high and lofty, yet his life is low and humble. Because...

The Call 0

The Call

1-30-2014  “Come near. Be still. Rest The chaos, the bitterness, And all that would test… Let me carry, give to me, Your impossible responsibility. And all that makes you weary Let it go. Come. Be near me.” This call, I hear. My heart responds, But something inside keeps fighting on. I have no will to break the bonds, That keep me striving on and always on, Forever in search of something. Always hoping and wishing, For someday when I can bring To Him expensive offerings. Of gold, of frankincense, of myrrh. Of treasures valued highly on the earth. Achievements, awards,...

Return to Relationship 0

Return to Relationship

As I labored through the day to discover a means of publishing my book, I find myself somewhat frustrated. There is no path that I have to follow to make this happen and several small pieces have to fall into place before I can actually do it. Furthermore, every time I change something in the text, it throws off the formatting of the entire document. About midway through the afternoon, I stopped and began to simply seek God. This is a day of fasting and seeking God, but the work I was doing had no joy. Oh, how I long...