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Jesus Is Alive?

I finalized an essay earlier today that explores the implications of Jesus and the law. I am fascinated by Jesus and His role in the history of humanity. However, somehow I forgot that He died and came back to life. This means that He is alive, but somehow separated from his people that are on earth so that we can’t see Him. What does this mean for our interactions? Does He actually interact with us or is He busy at work doing something while the Spirit works in us. Except that the same Spirit is in us as in Him,...

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Professor Gladenhall – Intro

“Professor Gladenhall” is a short story set in the English countryside at a small but renowned boarding school. As the story comes together, sections of it will be posted here for your enjoyment! <>< It all began when we took a class with a strange but kind professor at the boarding school. He had seemed alright to begin with and even played along with some of the jokes that us students decided to pull the first couple days when we should have been in class. For example. When his class was about to begin, most of us would scurry off...