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Time – A Poetic Reflection 0

Time – A Poetic Reflection

What became of lofty dreams, And noble goals expressed? By those whom it would always seem Could reach desired happiness. Yet, came the day to count the cost. Where others, seeing nothing lost; To them, just emptiness and dust. Time, said one to his good friend, Will lead all men to weep. For only in its passing bend Its treasure found, too deep. By such a day as could be seen This priceless rare commodity Already spent, on lesser things. <a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12059605/?claim=ek6gq6663n8″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Quality Time 0

Quality Time

“God we don’t spend enough time together,” I said, recognizing that I was seriously starving for the opportunity of purposeful prayer for an extended period of time. As I come to grow and appreciate my walk with God on a daily basis, I am often surprised by the things that I forget. There are habits that have brought me to this place that fall behind as I rush forward into the next phase of my adventure into the mystery of God. I forget that the next steps build on the first steps and the foundation must be expanded if the...

A 4-D Lifestyle – Initial Thoughts 1

A 4-D Lifestyle – Initial Thoughts

In the past few days I have come to understand something a little bit more clearly.   The enjoyment of music is the same If not greater for the lonely barefoot man with nothing else than for the man who has everything else. For the first, the most beautiful things of the world are his. They are his because they are free. They are his because no one can take them from him. Even a deaf person can still hear the music of his or her soul. A blind person can still see through his or her imagination. While it...